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SpeedyPage - Anycast Hosting Nameservers

SpeedyPage offers a robust and reliable nameserver solution for all our services through an anycast network. Our cPanel nameservers are designed to ensure efficient DNS resolution and enhanced performance. This article explains the key features of our cPanel nameservers and provides information on how to utilize them.

Anycast Network

Our cPanel nameservers operate on an anycast network, a powerful networking approach that routes user requests to the nearest data center in our global network. This ensures faster response times and increased resilience against network failures.

The advantages of using an anycast network include:

- Improved Performance: Users are always routed to the nearest server, reducing latency.
- Enhanced Reliability: If one server fails, the network automatically reroutes traffic to the next closest server.
- Scalability: The network can easily handle increases in traffic, providing consistent performance even during peak times.


One of the unique features of SpeedyPage's nameservers is that they are the same for all web hosting services, in all regions.

- Primary Nameserver:
- Secondary Nameserver:


SpeedyPage's cPanel nameservers offer an efficient and reliable solution for all your DNS needs. The anycast network ensures optimal performance, while the uniform nameservers across all services provide ease of use.

If you have any questions or need assistance with configuring your nameservers, please contact our support team. We're here to help!

Updated on: 30/07/2023

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