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SpeedyPage - Network Looking Glass & Test Files

What Is a Network Looking Glass?

A looking glass provides a way to view routing data and perform network diagnostics, usually through a web-based interface. This data can be essential for troubleshooting, network optimization, and monitoring the spread of network routing information.

Index of Looking Glasses

Here's an index of available looking glasses across different locations. This table provides the location, URL to access the looking glass, and links to test files.

LocationURL100M Test File1G Test File5G Test File
Ashburn, USAAshburn Looking Glass100M1G5G
London, UKLondon Looking Glass100M1G5G
Sydney, AUSydney Looking Glass100M1G5G
Tokyo, JPTokyo Looking Glass100M1G5G
Singapore, SGSingapore Looking Glass100M1G5G


Looking glasses provide essential insights into network behavior and performance from various locations around the world. Whether you are a network professional, researcher, or enthusiast, they can offer valuable information for troubleshooting and analysis.

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Updated on: 30/07/2023

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